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A Message From Our Founder

By early 2020, I was just thinking of building a software business. I didn't have the slightest idea about it.

By going through plenty of resources day and night I started growing 1% every day. That was way better than growing 49% one day and not executing anything meaningful for the rest of the week.

On June 5th of 2020, I launched my first SaaS Hatrio Sales to help fellow Founders and Salespersons with lead generation and sales automation. After more than four months of hard work and showing up, I onboarded the very first paying customer on 20th October 2020. That by the way was the first dollar I made on the internet.

Today, we make thousands of $$ each month but we have never forgotten where we come from. There were many failures and lessons learned along the way (like rebranding and pivoting three times, oh dear) but we have come a long way now.

There was a point where we needed help from other SaaS to build our SaaS, and that's when I learned something that helped me shape our mission. Most products had a mission to "help people" but at a $500 monthly starting price with an annual contract of $8000 they were not really helping people. They were just consulting companies working with enterprises.

I didn't want that.

I mean, yeah sure, I want to work with big companies. But what does that make us? 

In my book, if I help a struggling individual make an impact that's almost twice valuable than helping an already established business with millions in the bank.

Though we love to work with big businesses (because you know, large businesses still have great people in them anyway), this is what we really strive for — helping people

Helping people comes first to us, and we do that by making great software that almost everyone can afford and easily use.

Dinakar Sakthivel, Founder of Hatrio

Our values

Values that define who we are

  • Build for people
    Our people mean everything to us. We believe companies hold a triangle of relationship — customers, staff and founding/investing members.

  • Build for love
    We build tech for the love of it. We take on challenges because that's what we love most — more than anything in the world.

  • Build for business
    You know, building for love doesn't keep lights on. So we applied business to our love. We keep it simple and affordable for you though.

Hatrio for sustainability

We and our love for Earth 

a never-ending story

1% of all our revenue is contributed towards climate change


You can join us in this adventure

We know we're cool and that you wanna join us. That's what we put up all our open positions here for you to check out. 

Hatrio is a fully remote business with a flexible and friendly work environment designed for humans. We're sure you'll love our culture.

Since this is an actual job board you'll also find open positions from other companies on the home page.

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