4 Lessons I Learned From a Failed ProductHunt Launch — What Not To Do When Launching on PH

published on 20 August 2021
ProductHunt Launch Tips
ProductHunt Launch Tips

The actual product had 12 downloads (on its own) at the time of launch. But the PH launch only got 11 votes from my efforts. Sure I had a great product but what did I 𝘯𝘰𝘵 have?

1. Let the pros do the work

Things would have been different if I sought help from regular hunters on ProductHunt who had a following

I didn’t do that

Instead, I thought I’ll handle things myself and was over-confident

2. Do your homework

Well, I did. I planned the whole thing for weeks and worked on the product for hours.

But I rushed to the launch in order to meet the deadlines I had

In the future, I must try to plan projects properly and leave some room for things I can’t control

3. Have an audience (most important)

I love my following. I, in fact, celebrated reaching 150 followers but I could have done things differently.

If only I worked hard in building an audience that shared the same passion as mine, things would have been different.

…I mean, I’m basically speaking to myself if I don’t have an audience to launch to.

4. Do not rely on one platform (important as well)

Having relied so much on ProductHunt that when it didn’t work I was devasted and clueless

I believed having a great product will help me find success on PH. I was wrong and it wasn’t even featured.

Two lessons I carry to my heart

(and am gonna frame on the wall)

First thing is to build an audience.

The second thing is to divest efforts on multiple platforms. Twitter, newsletter and blog.

Hint: I’m planning to publish bomb content on my Twitter.
Also hint: Follow me to witness building an audience from scratch.

In case you wanna check out the failed product launch, be my guest. Here’s Smooth, a 100% free logo pack for any use case. Attribution isn’t required either.

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