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  • Over 50 Percent of Shopify Stores Get Repeat Purchases
  • More than 1,700,000 merchants already use Shopify
  • Shopify contributed $319 Billion in Global Economic Activity
  • Source: Statista, Shopify Reports, Ecommerce Platforms

Our services

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Your project is in good hands

Hello dear visitor ๐Ÿ‘‹

I'm Dinakar, the person behind this service.

My top goal here is to help you get started with your eCommerce store quickly, easily and freely. I'll build a fresh store on Shopify with a great site design that best fits your use case and deliver it entirely for free.

And yes, when I say "free" store, I mean free store.

The reason I do this is simple. 

When I started out with eCommerce I received very little professional help. I was only able to afford a few since it's hard especially when starting out and I wish to change that. I'm driving that change now by providing professional eCommerce services for free.

Don't be mistaken though. Free doesn't mean low quality. No. Not on the land of Hatrio.

This service will meet your expectations and even the high-quality standards of some of the paid services. We could charge hundreds if not thousands of $$$ but that's not what we're gonna do. What matters to us is making an impact on your business.

Join me in this journey. Contact us with your project below. 

Dinakar Sakthivel, Founder at Hatrio

PS. I'm confident that we can make an impact on your business.

Look at the demo stores we built

We have only launched this service in August 2021. So we're still building our portfolio.

Hatrio free shopify service nordic fitness portfolio cover (1) Hatrio free shopify service nordic fitness portfolio cover (1)

Nordic Fitness is a Shopify demo store we built in just 7 hours

We have built this store to show what we are capable of to you. You can understand our level of professionalism when it comes to Shopify store building, store design and our focus on optimizing for conversions. We edited each image to match and brand to create a unique look. You can expect similar results too. We'll apply similar processes when building your store too.

To view the store use password: hatrio

Key focus was on products and design

How it works

High-level overview of our process

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Pricing โ€” free service

We're the first to offer a free service. There is no better deal available out there. 

Free offer is only available for a limited time.

  • One Product

    Perfect option for one product stores we build on Shopify
    • Store designed to highlight one product (responsive)
    • Multi-page website
    • Conversion optimization and SEO
    • Admin dashboard setup
    • Product support
    • Basic theme code edits
    • Up to 5 products/variants
    • 1 month of basic support and guidance
    • 100% free โ€” no catch
  • Starter

    Perfect for new businesses, solopreneurs and personal stores
    - FREE
    • Responsive store design that features many products
    • Multi-page website
    • Conversion optimization and SEO
    • Admin dashboard setup
    • Product support
    • Basic theme code edits
    • Up to 100 products
    • 1 month of basic support and guidance
    • 100% free โ€” no catch
  • Company

    Best for established business with existing Shopify stores
    • Everything in Starter plan +
    • Advanced theme code editing
    • Custom code with scripts, CSS and Javascript
    • Support for more than 100 products
    • Store maintenance
    • Extended project support
    • -This is only meant for advanced requirements and existing stores - new stores we build are always free-

You Ask. We Tell.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the quality of your service?

    Though our service is free, you'll find our work on par with some of the paid services. We provide excellent stores that'll make you wonder why we're not charging hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for it.

    Stores we deliver pass through two internal tests before being delivered to you. We'll also check in with you with preview versions and iterate based on your feedback to ensure you're satisfied.

  • How can this professional service be free?

    Yes, this service is free. Everything we say on this page is true. We'll build a new store with essential features on Shopify for you, follow best SEO and conversion practices, share previews with you, iterate with your feedback and deliver a production-ready project for $0 cost. You'll only pay the default Shopify's pricing directly to them, $0 to us.

    So it's like this: we'll build a fresh store 100% free. Have an existing Shopify store or need advanced customizations and want us to work on it? Then we'll be charging for that work. More on this in the next question.

  • Is Shopify good? Tell me about Shopify

    Shopify is rated the best platform to build an eCommerce site. Search "Shopify reviews" on Google and see for yourself. Shopify lets you manage inventory, customers, marketing and even run automated ads. There's a whole App Store for literally any app for your need, an active community that you can get help from and Shopify's own support team responding to you 24/7. Take the technical infrastructure-related worries out of your head, Shopify will help you there. Focus only on your business.

  • Is the free Starter plan only for new store? Why?

    The Starter plan and One Product plan is free only for new stores we build on Shopify. If you have an existing store on Shopify and want us to work on it, then we'll have to charge for that work. Advanced customizations (like new theme builds, complete CSS makeovers, Javascript development, etc) will also require a fee. Don't be worried. Just note that we only charge for super-advanced works, new stores with essential features we build are completely free. 

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